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Wood for the Trees film shows rewilding at Knepp

Alastair Driver, Director of Rewilding Britain, calls for a larger percentage of the UK to be rewilded.

Vastern Timber managing director Tom Barnes and nature film-maker Charly Le Marchant are exploring what the future might hold for British forests in their series ‘Wood for the Trees.’

Tens of thousands of viewers have watched these films on youtube, vimeo and social media.

The series so far has covered timber grown in Britain, woodland management and sustainable forestry. It looked at how to value the intangible benefits of being around trees, as well as how society interacts with trees and woodland. The team set out to meet a wide range of experts from different perspectives and backgrounds and find out about their hopes and fears for the future of UK woodland.

The most recent episode has just been released, and was filmed at the Knepp Estate in West Sussex, made famous by Isabella Tree’s book ‘Wilding.’

Professor Alastair Driver, Director of Rewilding Britain, says rewilding is “the large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature is allowed to take care of itself.” He says that in a landscape like Knepp, “you don’t need to plant, trees will find their way.”

Tom was busy at the sawmill, so this time Charly was in front of the camera, asking the questions about wood, woodlands and tree-planting.

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