WOODOLEX Wins Best Innovation in Show Award at UKCW 2021

Leading flexible wooden board manufacturer company, WOODOLEX won the Best Innovation in Show at the UK Construction Week 2021. The award that recognises innovation, design and excellence within the UK construction industry. The three day event saw over 6000 innovative products from over 300 exhibitors across the world.

With over 25 unique products, WOODOLEX is changing the future in the wood construction industry. Made for builders, carpenters, film industry or DIY enthusiasts, WOODOLEX is a brand new approach to flexible MDF designed as a material for making various kinds of decorative elements. The material can be bent and shaped as desired by applying heat directly to its surface. It can thereafter be installed on furniture, walls, ceilings and doors.

WOODOLEX’s products are unlike anything the wood market has ever seen before. They are a true definition of innovation which makes the Best Innovation in Show Award a well deserved honour for their hard work. The inspiration behind WOODOLEX came from the belief that builders and DIY lovers should be able to make and finish anything they wanted with a single easy to use material.

After years of research and development, WOODOLEX came up with its unique Flexible Wooden Board (FWD) that offers more options and makes creating and finishing as easy and as fun. The material is also a time and money saver when carrying out complex projects. Unlike other wooden boards, the FWD requires zero prepping and takes only 10 minutes of heating to become completely flexible. It will also cool down and set  in less than 10 minutes.

What makes WOODOLEX truly stands out is its versatility and adaptability. All users have to do is to cut to length, heat up,  bend to shape,  fix in place and let it cool. From plain to profiled WOODOLEX, builders and DIYers have a variety of products to select from when planning a project. With plain WOODOLEX, users can make their own patterns using basic wood working tools such as saws and drills. Profiled WOODOLEX is however available for builders and those who do not have their own working tools. WOODOLEX, again designed its Flexible Wooden Board to deliver a perfectly smooth finish. The material works with all types of paints and primers and finishes as elegantly as is desired.

The leading wood design company is currently on an exhibition tour with the Homebuilding and Renovation Show, Harrogate their next stop on the 5-7 November 2021.

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