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10 new curtain trailers have arrived

All our trailers are made in Belgium. These new curtain trailers have been produced by Turbo’s Hoet.

The trailers are equipped with Wabco’s OptiLoad system. This system virtually redistributes the weight between the axles of the truck-trailer combination to help prevent damage to the axles from overload. Optiload thus also helps to comply with the regulations for the maximum weight per axle.

In addition, the feature, Wabco’s OptiTurn, was also opted for. This intelligent function improves the turning circle of the trailer by up to 0.5m by allowing the driver to better steer the trailer through tight bends and roundabouts and manoeuvre at loading ramps in inner cities. This innovative feature automatically detects corners and bends and lowers or raises the pressure in the rear axle bellows for better trailer control when manoeuvring.

This system increases above all safety on the road.

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