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A new ally for designers: Rothoblaas presents the XEPOX spreadsheet

Rothoblaas today announces the release of the XEPOX spreadsheet, a free and efficient software that will undoubtedly be an indispensable tool in the hands of every designer thanks to its functions and ease-of-use. This useful tool can easily determine the amount of XEPOX epoxy resin to be used and the strength of the joint being made.

Let’s discover it.

“The XEPOX spreadsheet is an intuitive and fast Excel spreadsheet that is used to calculate the strength of a joint subjected to moment, axial and shear loads for two distinct load combinations.” Alessandro Comitti tells us “Thanks to the XEPOX spreadsheet, the designer can easily apply the calculation method explained in the Rothoblaas plates catalogue and in the spreadsheet itself: just enter the loads and dimensions of the selected elements (beams, plates, grooving), to check every possible failure mechanism and define the quantities of resin to be used.”

Let’s take a closer look.

“In the XEPOX spreadsheet” continues Eng. Comitti “the designer enters the data of the project, the most demanding actions for two different load combinations, all the geometric and material characteristics of the elements making up the joint and obtains the details of the checks. In addition, if the designer chooses to use a perforated plate, it is possible to design the hole pattern that best meets his needs, obtain a schematic representation of the holes and quickly obtain the updated checks.” “This tool speeds up the designer’s work and allows him to use a very functional joint technology providing a valid reference that otherwise will be missing.” 

Small details that deserve special mention.

A tutorial is provided to facilitate the use of the XEPOX spreadsheet, that guides the user to complete the different steps in order. When the work is completed the spreadsheet also gives the possibility to print the calculation and verification report, as well as the theoretical explanation and the diagram of the perforated plate in case it is chosen.

We are accustomed to think of Rothoblaas as synonymous with internationality and for this reason you can use this free spreadsheet in 6 languages.

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