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New ROTHOBLAAS “Tapes, sealants and membranes” catalogue

Solutions for designers and builders around the world

Rothoblaas, the Alpine timber construction multinational that has taught us never to believe that the maximum level of innovation has been reached, continues to offer important new products. This time, it does so with a declared aim: to provide useful, simple and sustainable solutions to anyone designing and building in timber, using any construction system, in any corner of the world. “A great challenge,” comments Eng. Michele Dal Ri, Target Manager for the Woodworker line. “But as children, here in the mountains, we were taught that simple things rarely bring satisfaction. Well, the bar is still set there. So when we realised how much effort was required to create an even more complete range of products, capable of providing concrete solutions to the problems of designers and building site workers every day, it was natural for us all to take up the challenge,” continues Dal Ri. This is a challenge made up of the search for maximum application and living comfort, with a constant eye on environmental sustainability.

A solution for every climatic zone and construction system

“One of the most effective ideas behind this new offer was to create a catalogue for anyone building in any part of the world, in any climate”, explains Eng. Alice Speranza, Product Line Manager for Membranes & Tapes. The world is not the same everywhere: different climates require different solutions. This is why we have expanded the range of many products,” Speranza continues. “We are also working on a new section of our website to make it easier to choose products, and it will be ready in a few months. All the end user has to do is enter the type of climate in his area and the building system in use, and the system will provide him with the best stratigraphy and a range of solutions to suit his project. We care a lot about making life easier for our customers and partners, it’s a kind of sweet obsession,” Speranza continues.

“It’s true,” intervenes Dal Ri, “for example, for the ground connection of buildings we have developed solutions for all techniques: whether the decision is to protect timber with tapes and membranes, or to use a concrete kerb or an aluminium profile, we have the right solution. We want to give you the freedom to use the system of your choice while simplifying your work. New products for ground connection include START BAND, a waterproofing profile with high mechanical strength, available in both self-adhesive and adhesive-free versions. As regards membranes, we are extremely proud of the new BYTUM SPRAY and FLUID MEMBRANE, which we can simply describe as the liquid versions of some of our membranes. But the real flagship among the new membranes,” continues Dal Ri, “are the self-adhesive membranes. The first types are available for purchase, and we are already working on extending the range. They are outstanding because they make it possible to save considerable time on installation, and also serve as a protective layer during construction. This versatile and effective product makes the installer’s job considerably easier,” continues Dal Ri. “We could talk about the new products in the catalogue for hours, but I don’t want to go into too much detail. However, I would like to point out that we have integrated many specific products for windows and doors, for the joy of installers, and for fire resistance. These include, for example, FIRE FOAM, a foam with specific fire reaction certification, and other fireproof solutions. All of this is complemented by introductions that clearly explain the relevant regulatory status, levels of protection and the various tests we have carried out over the years. It is important for us to involve our users in understanding the various reasons behind the phenomena: we are convinced that a more well-informed consumer is a consumer who is more attentive to the quality of the components, and about the quality of our components we are certain. It is nice to work knowing that you are doing things right,” concludes Dal Ri.

A world with more wooden houses is a better world to live in

The focus on environmental issues is another topic that Rothoblaas has always been concerned with. As he begins to talk to us about it, Eng. Speranza’s eyes sparkle with satisfaction. “Although timber construction is in many respects more sustainable than other building systems, an assessment of the impacts linked to the entire life cycle of the products is still necessary in order to make an objective comparison between different building systems. A good tool for this purpose is the EPD – Environmental Product Declaration, which, based on specific parameters, makes it possible to determine the different degrees of environmental impact of various products. The EPD is a declaration based on LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) for which the study of all aspects related to the production, use and disposal of the product is required”, continues Speranza. “This is a voluntary initiative, not obligatory by law, which we have decided to implement to know the environmental impact of our products, and to allow the designer to have an accurate idea of the ecological footprint of the building he is designing. Our aim is to make designers aware of the environmental and technical aspects of the product. Other interesting information for designers is that from today they will be able to find our products in the WUFI software, one of the most frequently used software in the world for thermo-hygrometric checks. So, there are many new and significant features. We are satisfied with the work we have done and we are sure that the market will also notice the quality of this tool,” concludes Speranza.

Wherever you are, you can count on Rothoblaas

“With the new solutions contained in this catalogue, we want to show the construction industry that we are there for them,” says Dal Ri. “We are there for those building in cold climates and for those building in warm climates. We are there and we will be there even more in the future, because we want to continue the development of solutions capable of simplifying life for designers and builders in every corner of the planet. Where there is timber, Rothoblaas is and will always be there”.

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