Norbord invests in occupational health with advisors at its three UK plants

Norbord is investing in occupational health at its three UK plants, through its team of occupational health advisors, Allison O’Connor, Terri Brydon and Kim Clee.

The trio, who have more than 90 years of nursing experience between them, play a crucial role in maintaining the health, wellbeing and safety of employees.

Occupational health (OH) nursing is a specialist field and differs from the traditional role of a nurse in a GP surgery or hospital as practitioners have a greater awareness of the hazards and risks to health in all types of employment. They not only maintain the health and wellbeing of employees in an organisation but also focus on promoting a safe environment in the workplace.

“Our primary role is about prevention and early intervention,” explained Brydon, who is based at Norbord’s plant in Inverness, Scotland. “It is important that someone comes to us before a medical issue becomes too serious.”

The OH team’s role encompasses a wide range of services which include pre-employment medicals, routine employee health surveillance, undertaking health assessment referrals from managers, teaching first aiders and running health promotional activities, as well as sitting on various committees.

Absence management is another important role of an OH nurse to help facilitate the rapid recovery of an employee from an illness or accident to returning to work.

O’Connor, who is based at the company’s Cowie plant, said: “We are now proactively managing absence – rather than just reporting it – and working with the employee while they are off work to signpost them quickly to services to assist their recovery.”

Trole of the OH nurse is to look after the interests of both the employee and the company, but primarily the employee, said Brydon. She added: “We sit on the line between the employee and the company. We are here to ensure the company operates within employee legislation and to also make sure employees remain well and do not come to any harm from their work – and that’s good for both sides.”

Clee, who joined Norbord in January 2017 and is based at its plant in South Molton, Devon, has been busy undertaking a health surveillance programme for the 300 employees at the site.  She said: “My role here at South Molton is all about being proactive in health promotion/prevention and that is why the health surveillance programme is so important in order to spot things early, such as hearing loss or a deterioration in breathing.”

Caption: Left to right – Allison O’Connor, Terri Brydon and Kim Clee


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