Rothoblaas – certified materials and sustainable building

Rothoblaas offers a range of innovative solutions to support the growth of the Passivhaus sector and provides quality products for the most ambitious of timber construction projects.

The certification of a product, especially when carried out on a voluntary basis, is a formal act through which a company states, with reasonable reliability, that a product conforms to a declared standard and is therefore suitable to achieve excellent quality standards. Passivhaus components certification is exactly this – a seal of quality that helps designers in choosing the materials to use for their projects.

SPEEDY BAND: The tape ensures excellent adhesion and resistance. Applicable both indoors and outdoors, it guarantees fast and safe sealing on the most common substrates. It is free of separating film, for extremely quick installation and real savings on costs for the disposal of construction site waste. It has excellent mechanical tensile strength thanks to the reinforcement mesh.

FLEXI BAND: This polyacrylate tape ensures excellent adhesion strength and resistance on all surfaces. The special adhesive compound guarantees functionality even in non-optimal conditions, for example on very porous, dusty, or humid surfaces. The wider versions are perfect for sealing chimneys, windows, membranes to plaster or concrete and many other applications. FLEXI BAND is the perfect tape for anyone looking for a universal product of extraordinary quality.

SEAL BAND: is the acrylic tape that adheres effectively to all types of wood, for any sealing inside the building envelope. It is available in versions with liner divided into two or three parts, it simplifies the laying on edges, corners and any other critical node, while the impregnated paper support guarantees great workability and quick installation. SEAL BAND is the tape that simplifies any complex sealing.

CLIMA CONTROL 80: is a variable diffusion membrane. It has variable resistance to vapor diffusion, which results in maximum protection within the walls and excellent safety in insulation. It is ideal for increasing the energy performance of packages and solutions in the renovation of existing structures and is easy to install thanks to its transparency. It regulates the passage of water vapor according to climate and humidity.

TRASPIR 110: is a highly breathable membrane. The three layers of the synthetic membrane can be applied directly on the outmost side of the walls, right after the heat insulation on the walls.

The added value of Passivhaus-certified components, as in the case of a membrane for a building’s airtightness, is hands down its total independence from climatic zones. The quality of a component suitable to the highest standard of passive buildings is guaranteed regardless of the place where the building we are planning will be built. Therefore, the standard is internationally recognised as a mark of quality. We are very proud to have obtained BBA certification for one of our breathable membranes, TRASPIR 95. We are working on getting this certification for more products. In the era of major climate change, design must also have a say in energy saving, comfort, and sustainability.

Environmental sustainability is an increasingly central issue in the construction sector, and it has been considered in our company for a long time. Although timber construction is in many respects more sustainable than other building systems, an assessment of the impacts linked to the entire life cycle of the products is still necessary in order to make an objective comparison between different building systems. A suitable tool for this is the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

You can read the full feature in the Winter Timber Construction magazine

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