Södra diversifies flame retardant treated timber products for UK market

Södra has diversified its range of flame retardant treated timber products available to the UK market, with its C260 and C260 Xterior.

Södra’s C260 and C260 Xterior are treated in Sweden by Woodsafe, one of Scandinavia’s leading companies inflame retardant treated timber products. The name C260 is a reference to the ignition temperature of wood.Both products are CE-certified in accordance with EN 14915: 2013 and Construction Products Regulation (EU) 305: 2011. When using C260 Xterior, there are no requirements for surface treatments, creating optimal conditions for timber’s natural ageing process.

Lars Broström, Sales Manager for Special Products at Södra says: “For C260, the flame retardant treatment chemical is applied using a high-pressure vacuum process. When this fluid is exposed to fire it releases carbon dioxide, which suffocates flames much like a fire extinguisher. This is what makes C260 the best choice for both safety and aesthetics. What’s more, C260 Xterior also requires very little maintenance.”

C260 Xterior provides the same level of flame retardant protection as C260, but the timber is given an additional weatherproofing according to EN16755, making it ideal for outdoor use without any further treatments. The flame retardant treatment fluid is embedded into timber fibres at a cellular level, so it can’t be washed away by rain or harsh weather conditions.

“The C260 Xterior flame retardant treatment can be applied to a wide range of different timber types without the need to apply topcoat,” continues Lars. “Now you can use timbers such as cedar, larch or heat-treated pine to build flame retardant protected structures while preserving the natural grain of the timber.”

Both C260 and C260 Xterior can be used for a wide range of applications; a benefit Lars describes as offering “freedom to be creative with your building projects.” It can also be applied to a number of attractive timber types, such as Western Red Cedar, heat-treated timber and larch. Södra’s flame retardant treated timber panels can be painted in any solid colour, remaining compliant with fire regulations for: façade cladding, decorative elements, roofs and walls, balconies, and construction work, as long as it meets reaction to fire properties.

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