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Timber Development UK release first market statement of 2022

Following an extraordinary year for the timber industry, Timber Development UK has released a market statement to provide greater clarity on the current supply and demand situation.

The market statement provides a detailed analysis of the past year, looking at the key import and price statistics of 2021.

This includes the numbers behind a record year for timber imports with volumes reaching nearly 11.7m³ million in 2021 – a 15% increase on 2020.

This market statement provides clarity on what was a truly remarkable year for our industry, as well as what we can expect in 2022.

Reflecting on 2021, for the first time in recent memory we saw timber nearly cleared off the shelves of all merchants.

A strong RM&I sector, a resurgent housing market and a construction industry looking to rapidly decarbonise led to unprecedented demand for timber in the UK.

This all put significant pressure on price over the course of 2021, forcing some specific products like structural softwood, OSB and US hardwoods to levels we had not seen previously.

Despite these challenges, the past year has shown the strength and resilience of the timber supply chain which ensured material needs were met through record imports in 2021.

I would like to say that we are moving back towards normality in 2022, however, the supply situation remains particularly tricky given continuing labour shortages and high fuel costs.

Recent weeks have also seen the awful illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia which is likely to exacerbate existing supply and price pressures.

Yet against this backdrop, timber will continue to have a pivotal role in 2022 as the UK looks to achieve net-zero targets.

As the only mainstream low carbon construction product, timber will be central in our bid to reduce construction emissions.

The report is split into three sections, looking at supply, demand and price.

The full statement can be downloaded via the image to the right.

Timber Development UK News

dRMM’s timber beacon shortlisted for COP26

The ‘Timber Beacon’ was selected by the British Government and is now awaiting confirmation of its awarded space to exhibit at the COP26 Glasgow site for the duration of the talks. This will form part of the global timber industry’s World of Wood. Please get in touch if you are interested in sponsorship.

The Timber Beacon was designed by award-winning architectural practice dRMM, led by founder and recognised as a leader in the innovation and promotion of engineered timber in the UK, Prof Alex de Rijke.

Sell the right treated timber

David Hopkins, CEO of Timber Development UK, explains why merchants need to double check that they’re selling correctly treated timber to their customers.

It is essential that builders choose the right type of timber, especially when using it in an external, structural setting.

Using the wrong treated timber can have serious consequences in terms of safety and durability.

Coniferous Plywood Quota

UK Importers have access to a duty-free quota of 167,352m³ of coniferous plywood to be imported into the UK and Northern Ireland, after which 6% duty will be applied.

Amount remaining: 50,698m³
Percentage remaining: 30.29%

BRAC Golden Thread Report Published

The Building Regulations Advisory Committee (BRAC) golden thread working group has brought together a cross section of industry to support officials in developing golden thread policy.

This follow on from the recommendations of Dame Judith Hackitt, in her report, Building a safer future, to manage buildings as holistic systems, taking into account building safety at all stages in the lifecycle.

Call to action: Joined Up Business

We are now working on the Summer 2022 issue of our Joined Up Business magazine, which provides an insight into the latest changes in the UK joinery market. We would be interested in hearing about any new products, company updates or news from your businesses that we can share with our members.

We are also hoping to include an editorial feature looking at the fitout and refurb joinery sector, covering new trends, changes and peoples’ opinions about that side of the market in general, as well as any relevant joinery case studies. If you have any information or would be interested in contributing a comment about the joinery market, please contact

We would need to receive any copy by 30th March in order to consider it for inclusion in the magazine.

Wood Awards | Battersea Arts Centre

Battersea Arts Centre is an 1890’s grade II* listed building. In March 2015, a fire broke out in the northern half of the building destroying the roof to the largest performance space. The original decorative plaster barrel-vaulted ceiling was completely lost. Rather than replicating the lost ceiling, a contemporary plywood lattice ceiling was conceived.

The new ceiling follows the curvature of the original and echoes the motifs in the plasterwork. It is much more porous and suitable for a modern theatre’s requirements.

The new ceiling is constructed of three layers of 18mm thick birch-faced plywood.

Read more on the Battersea Arts Centre, the 2019 interiors winner here.

Trade Note: clarifying the position of pre-conflict timber

Following the advice of the TTF to all members on 8 March 2022 to cease trading with Russia/Belarus, and amidst the classification of materials originating from these countries as ‘conflict timber’, the TTF has received a number of questions from the industry.

This trade note seeks to answer these questions which have centred around the status of goods that arrived in the UK prior to the invasion and this designation by certification bodies.

Read the full policy note on the TTF website. Note this document is restricted to TTF members.

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