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Vandecasteele Houtimport receives the Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship (VCDO) certificate for the 21st time in a row!

L-R: Stefaan Vandecasteele – owner, Geneviève Standaert – Export Manager and Isabelle Polfliet – Compliance Manager

Last Wednesday, the 29th of June, we attended the inspirational award ceremony of the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship. The award is a recognition of the sustainability efforts of the participating companies.

We received our award for the 21st time, along with 38 other West Flemish companies.

The VCDO is linked to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and thus has an international frame of reference

The external validation and the structure of the VCDO support companies in making efforts to embed sustainability in their business strategy. The balance of all sustainability aspects, ranging from the well-being of employees to the environmental impact of the company, is more relevant today than ever.

We are also nominated SDG Champion 2022 with our strategic transition project “trading 100% certified wood by 2025

Thank you Voka for an exceptional evening!

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